Blush Photography



01. book your session

Newborn sessions are $400+tax, and are one hour long. It's hard to say how many photos will be delivered, as it depends on a few factors (outfit changes, time to calm or feed, etc) though it's often between 75-100. All photos will be edited, and delivered digitally in an online gallery.

My newborn sessions are lifestyle sessions, done in the comfort of your home and meant to capture the real life moments of your new family.

Since you will only know an estimated due date, we book a tentative date and time, and just keep me updated from there if baby arrives earlier or latter than anticipated.

02. planning your SESSION

Typically, I end up photographing newborn sessions in the nursery and in the master bedroom, though depending on your home, we may use the living room and backyard as well. I understand things are hectic in the first few weeks of bringing home a new baby, so don't stress too much about things being perfectly clean and tidy! Of course, whatever you can do ahead of time helps give us more time for pictures, but I am very used to rearranging and hiding things we don't want in the photos.


Pinterest is a great way to brainstorm ideas and styles that you're drawn to. Feel free to send me a link to your board to get a sense of the types of photos you like!

As for what to wear, Pinterest is also great for that! One outfit for parents and any siblings is good - try to choose 2-3 complimentary colours and select from that group for everyone's outfits. I recommend avoiding logos and busy prints.

As for your newborn baby, 3-5 outfits is feasible. We may not get through them all, so we start with your favourites and go with the flow from there!

03. baby is here!

Once the baby is born, shoot me an email or text and we can officially finalize the date and time for your session!

05. photo DAY!



06. delivery of your photos

Depending on how busy the season is, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to edit and deliver your photos. I will send you an online gallery, and you're able to download from there. I do offer printing services should you wish, but don't force you to print with me - you will be able to download high resolution photos to print wherever you like!

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